Android 11 developer preview 2 supports displaying the 5G status and foldable

Android 11 developer preview 2 supports displaying the 5G status and foldable

Yesterday, Google released the second version of the Android 11 Developer Preview. This version has some new features. The first one is to provide an API to display the current 5G network status. Developers can use this to check whether the currently tested device is connected to a 5G network. Allows applications developed by developers to make different network adaptations based on different network states.

In addition, there is an API for obtaining the folding angle of a foldable device. Developers can display different content through different angles of the current device bending.

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In addition, developers of call blocking applications can also find that the system provides new support options. The call blocking application can now show the reason for blocking the call, and can also set up different caller interfaces for different incoming calls, which is convenient for users.

This version now supports the application to select the refresh rate that it can use so that some applications can directly refuse users to use it with a refresh rate of 120Hz. In addition, this version also brings many new features, such as

  • Camera and microphone permission requests for the foreground now require the “foregroundServiceType” to promote more accountability.
  • Migration tool to move files from Android’s legacy storage to the new scoped storage.
  • Apps and games can indicate what refresh rate they should be run at (60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz).
  • Resume on reboot for a more seamless booting experience after installing an update overnight.

Via: androidcentral