Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Android 11 allows you to customize ‘Power Menu’ options

1 min read

In the current version of Android phones, when you press and hold the power button to call up the power menu, you will usually only see a small menu on the side of the screen with two or three buttons including shutdown and restart.

Google Pixel phone has a function to directly browse the Google Pay card package, which is indeed very convenient for users who often need to use credit cards.

However, Google seems to want to directly add a brand new power menu for Android 11, which is the picture below.

The new power menu displayed on this picture is indeed very different from what we are using now. The most important thing is that it uses a full-screen display instead of a floating block display.

The new power menu has three options of emergency mode, lock screen, and shutdown at the top. There is also a small menu next to it. It is estimated that you can see the advanced restart options after you click it.

In the middle of the screen, the content of the Google Pay card package shown here, you can switch cards horizontally. Previously this was an exclusive feature of Pixel phones, but Google will add this feature directly to Android 11.

At the bottom is a quick control, where you can directly control your smart home. The photos show several smart homes, including lights, door locks, and temperature controllers.

Via: 9to5google