Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Android 10 supports uninstalling applications but retaining data

2 min read

Google’s Android system is very large, but the backup function is very poor. After reinstalling the system or the application is removed, the data may be permanently lost. In Apple’s iOS system, the function of uninstalling and not deleting data has been added in the previous update. After reinstalling the application, the data can be immediately enabled to be restored. Interestingly, Google finally realized that data backup might be a more important thing, so Android 10 also supports uninstalling applications but retaining data.

Different from Apple’s approach, Google provides developers with the corresponding interface, developers need to actively adopt this feature before users can uninstall but retain the data. The adapted application will automatically pop up a dialog box asking the user if they need to keep all the data of the application when the user presses the click to the uninstall button. The retained data will also be stored in the original location. When the user is installed again, the original data can be loaded and restored immediately without reconfiguration.

Now, have only WhatsApp and ASR Voice Recorder app support this feature, but since there is this permission, many applications will be actively adopted. It is worth noting that if the user uninstalls through the Google Store, then the notification of retaining the data will not pop up, which means that it cannot be reserved. So if you need to keep the data, you can only keep it by pressing and unloading the uninstall option on the application list.

Via: Android Police