Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Android 10 drops menu navigation button

1 min read

The bottom navigation buttons of Android phones have undergone several evolutions, and nowadays, with the popularity of full-screen gestures, the presence of navigation keys has become lower and lower. Some Android users may remember that the “menu button” used to be an important interactive hub for Android phones, but it has almost disappeared.

For apps developed for Android 2.3 or even older systems, before Android 9, Google allowed the “Menu” button in the navigation bar to activate more settings on these apps, but Android 10 decided not to.

Google said that the API for the above changes has already taken shape. In other words, if you run these old apps on Android 10, you won’t be able to call out menu options, and Google emphasizes that the actual impact will be a very small number of users.

Via: androidpolice