AMD’s new semi-custom SoC code-named Mero appears

In recent years, AMD’s semi-custom business has achieved very good results. Especially in the gaming industry, AMD’s 3A platform solutions, whether it is Sony’s PlayStation 4/5 and Microsoft’s Xbox One and Series X/S, or the Steam Deck launched by Valve this year, all have quite good sales performance and have won the reputation of customers and the market.

Recently, some netizens discovered an AMD APU code-named Mero, which appeared on Magic Leap Demophon. The information from the benchmark result shows that it runs the Android 10 operating system with a resolution of 720×920.

It is reported that this new semi-custom SoC code-named Mero is similar in structure to the Van Gogh used on Steam Deck. Both use Zen 2 architecture CPU and RDNA 2 architecture GPU, which are low-power APUs with targeted design. However, Mero and Van Gogh are not the same chip. Analysis indicates that Van Gogh has more functional modules and PCIe channels. Presumably, because the platform is an undisclosed prototype device from Magic Leap, AMD has not confirmed the existence of Mero.

Last year, Magic Leap announced that it would cooperate with AMD to develop AR technology solutions to bring market-leading visual computing and perception capabilities to enterprise users. This semi-custom SoC may be one of the results. Magic Leap has also cooperated with NVIDIA before, and its Magic Leap 1 is equipped with NVIDIA Tegra Parker SoC. AMD’s new semi-custom SoC code-named Mero may be similar to Qualcomm’s similar product positioning. For example, HTC’s Vive Focus 3, an enterprise-level VR all-in-one machine, is equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 chip.