Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Amazon fires multiple employees who leaked user information

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Some employees of Amazon’s smart doorbell product department used their account permissions to access video surveillance data of some users.

Amazon fired employees after they discovered that they had abused their rights to access data, but it looks like Amazon has more problems with privacy.

According to TechCrunch media reports, Amazon recently sent emails to some users as a reminder: Some Amazon employees share user private information such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers with external companies.

From the notice, it should be that some Amazon employees have permission to view user information, such as the user’s name, address, identity, and mobile phone number.

These employees then shared the user’s private information, such as a mobile phone number, with an external company, which apparently violates the privacy laws of Amazon.

Amazon leak

To this end, Amazon has fired several employees involved and joint law enforcement agencies are preparing to sue some employees due to violations by these employees.

After contacting Amazon’s official website, the media confirmed that the screenshots of the notifications circulating on the Internet were true. At the same time, Amazon also acknowledged that it had fired multiple employees over the privacy issue.

It is worth noting that Amazon refused to disclose the details of this privacy issue, such as how much user information was leaked and the details of the leaked data.

At the same time, the external company Amazon was still unwilling to disclose to which data was leaked. Amazon only said that this issue will not affect user account security.