Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

Google requests all app on Play Store must support Android 8.0+

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Google is very dissatisfied with the status quo of Android fragmentation, which not only affects the version upgrade of Android, the promotion of new features but also poses a significant threat to user security. Since the old version of Android has lost its maintenance, they have no way to receive new security updates. It is easy to be attacked.

Google indeed introduced new security features in every version of Android, but apps designed for the latest version can only use some features, so, at the end of last year, Google announced that it would reduce the number of apps designed for older versions of Android.

On August 1 this year, Google officially announced that the Google Play store is about to stop accepting apps designed for Android APIs before Android 8.0.

Yesterday was the last day of the deadline, and developers were no longer able to upload any apps designed for the old Android API to Google Play.

Of course, this standard is continually improving with the release of the new version of Android. The minimum requirement for next year is for Android 9.0 design. Also, Google also said that future versions of Android would limit the APP for older Android models.

Via: xda-developers