October 25, 2020

AirPods Studio price may be $349

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Apple has announced that it will officially hold its second new product launch event in the second half of this year on October 13th. The launch event will release iPhone 12 series phones, HomePod mini, and the much-anticipated headset AirPods Studio.

Recently, Apple has stopped selling third-party brand headset products in online and offline stores, which undoubtedly indicates that Apple will launch its own brand of headsets in the near future.

According to previous reports, the design of AirPods Studio is very beautiful and unique, the battery life is also very long, the sound quality is also very good, and the product differentiation part is very sufficient.

iOS 14 headphones
Image: 9to5mac

Digital whistleblower Jon Prosser, who repeatedly broke the news that Apple has not released product information, reposted today that the first mass production plan of AirPods Studio will end at the end of October, and customers can get it two weeks after ordering AirPods Studio.

Although some of Jon Prosser’s previous revelations are not all accurate, they are generally accurate, so his revelations are worthy of attention. At the same time, he also released a rendering of AirPods Studio, which shows the general appearance of this headset.

Earlier it was reported that AirPods Studio will not be equipped with a 3.5mm connector, it will be equipped with a Type-C interface and support Bluetooth connection. The product price is expected to be US$349, which is similar to the price of high-end headsets from traditional headset companies such as Sony and Bose.