Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

Aebi Schmidt large European manufacturing company is attacked by ransomware

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Aebi Schmidt, one of Europe’s largest manufacturing companies was attacked by ransomware. Aebi Schmidt’s business is mainly for the construction of airports and the manufacture of road maintenance vehicles. The company discontinued operations after the cybersecurity incident. The company’s entire international network system has collapsed, the most devastating of which is the Swiss headquarters. In addition, the company’s email server has also been seriously affected.

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A few days after the incident was exposed, a spokesperson of the company posted a message via social media stating that part of the system was interrupted due to a security incident. The main problem was that the server enterprise mail failed. The news also confirmed that other systems suffered some damage. However, the spokesperson did not disclose on the details, only that the experts are working hard to restore the company’s network environment, which may take a long time.

Although the company has not publicly acknowledged the ransomware attack, some employees of the company have confirmed this. The details of the attack have not yet been announced, and it is still unclear how much financial damage this cyber attack will have on Aebi Schmidt.

Via: TechCrunch