Fri. Jun 5th, 2020

Adobe releases an urgent update to patch up to 82 security vulnerabilities

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Recently, Adobe released security updates for Experience Manager, Experience Manager Forms, Acrobat and Reader, and Download Manager to fix 82 vulnerabilities in these products.

Adobe August Security Update

The affected products that received security patches today include:

It is understood that this update fixes 68 vulnerabilities in Acrobat and Reader, including use-after-free vulnerabilities, out-of-bounds write vulnerabilities, type confusion vulnerabilities. , as well as heap overflow holes and so on. These vulnerabilities can be used to execute arbitrary code and steal victim information. In addition, Adobe patched 12 vulnerabilities in Experience Manager and a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the Experience Manager Forms. These vulnerabilities may allow hackers to access the organization’s Experience Manager environment without authorization, resulting in the theft of sensitive information. In the Windows version of Adobe Download Manager, Adobe fixed a privilege escalation vulnerability caused by unsafe file permissions.

Adobe said that no attacks have been identified against these vulnerabilities in the wild.