A large number of users complain that Apple iPhone 11 camera is easy to enter dust

Recently, Apple iPhone 11 released with many improvements. Apple’s camera module in the iPhone 11 series is very powerful, allowing users to easily shoot telephoto and wide-angle photos. It can be said that Apple’s telephoto and wide-angle lenses are the driving force for many users to buy the iPhone 11, but the embarrassing thing is that Apple does not seem to be waterproof and dustproof.

According to Apple’s design, the iPhone 11 has excellent water and dust resistance, which means that even if it is accidentally dropped into the water for a few hours, it will not damage the equipment. But it seems that this is just an ad, because, after the release, users found that the camera module behind the iPhone 11 is easy to get into the gray. After the dust enters the camera module, it can be seen directly by the naked eye, so many users find that the iPhone 11 complains on Twitter about this thing.

An angel investor and a product lead at Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat, Sriram Krishnan said that he always saw dust in the iPhone 11 camera, and the iPhone X did not find this problem.

Another user said that the iPhone 11 camera area is a huge dust magnet, and there is no way to think about why this area will attract so much dust.

In addition to complaining, everyone began to think about why the iPhone 11 is so easy to get into the gray. Obviously, there is no such problem in the previous version, which means that Apple has a technical problem.

If it is manufactured according to the standard waterproof and dustproof process, there should not be so much dust. However, at present, Apple officials have not released any comments on the iPhone 11’s easy entry into the ash issue, so no one knows whether Apple has paid attention to the issue.