December 5, 2020

A hacker who attacked Twitter’s huge hack was arrested at only 17 years old

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Last month, the social networking site Twitter was attacked by anonymous hackers. Hackers obtained Twitter internal control tools through social engineering attacks to control the accounts of political and business celebrities.

This attack is different from some previous hacking attacks purely for showing off or expressing political views. This hacking attack is to scam Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

Hackers pretend to be celebrities and post-so-called virtual currency welfare activities after controlling these celebrity accounts. This time the hackers actually took down a large number of political and business celebrity accounts, including Obama, Bezos, and Apple. Hackers have earned more than $100,000 in virtual currency by attacking Twitter in fraudulent activities.

Twitter vulnerability

Many U.S. prosecutors and law enforcement agencies have also announced that they will be involved in investigations. Under investigations by many law enforcement agencies, it is difficult for these hackers to hide.

Those involved in the investigation include the FBI, the US Secret Service, the California Attorney’s Office, the Internal Revenue Service, and Florida law enforcement.

After several weeks of investigation, the US law enforcement agency announced that one of the planners of the attack and fraud case was arrested, and the hacker was only 17 years old.

The US Department of Justice and State Attorney Andrew Warren issued a press release today. In the press release, the US Department of Justice announced that it has arrested four suspects in connection with the attack.

Among the four arrested suspects was a 17-year-old minor from Florida, USA. He was also one of the main planners of the attack.

According to the laws of the US state of Florida, in criminal activities involving financial fraud and other types of criminal activities, minors can be more flexibly prosecuted as adults.

This means that this minor will be treated as an adult and will be tried. According to fraud, money laundering, and computer crimes, the maximum penalty will be 45 years in prison.

Via: theverge