Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

6.4 million Israeli voter data leaked

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Errors in the configuration of election applications recently developed by the Likud Group, the party of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu may potentially expose and harm nearly 6.5 million Personal information of Israeli citizens.

USPS Site Exposed Data

It is understood that the leak was discovered and described in detail by Verizon Media front-end developer, Ran Bar-Zik. Local Israeli media such as Haaretz, Calcalist, and Ynet have confirmed Bar-Zik’s findings, but it is unclear whether the exposed servers and data were obtained by unauthorized persons before Bar-Zik’s discovery and public disclosure.

According to Bar-Zik, he discovered the leak during a security audit of Elector, an app developed by Elector Software for Luked, who is the Israeli leader led by Benjamin Netanyahu, the country’s current prime minister political party. After the local media reported some privacy-related issues with the app, he investigated the app, and the investigation was launched in response to a problem with the app.

Source: ZDNet