September 26, 2020

530,000 Zoom credentials on the dark web for sale

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Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in the world, various online video conferencing applications have achieved a large wave of user growth. Microsoft Teams and Zoom have all achieved exponential user growth. More and more people are using these applications, and these applications are being targeted by more hackers.

Zoom, the first well-known online meeting application, has recently revealed a lot of vulnerabilities and negative news. Therefore, Zoom decided to suspend the development of new features within 90 days and focus on fixing existing vulnerabilities.

Zoom privacy security issues
Zoom Communications / Public domain

However, this does not seem to solve the user data leaked by Zoom because of security issues, because according to the latest report of cybersecurity intelligence company Cyble, Cyble purchased 530000 Zoom account data on the dark web for less than 1 cent.

Cyble said that they saw a hacker selling these account data on a forum on the dark web on April 1. Some of these users were college students and some were employees of well-known banks. After that, Cyble contacted the hacker, and finally bought the data of these 530,000 Zoom accounts for less than one cent.

The data information of these accounts includes the e-mail address, Zoom account password, personal meeting website address. Cyble company contacted these users and finally confirmed that the information is true and valid.

If you are worried about Zoom’s security issues, then we highly recommend that you use Microsoft Teams and Skype.