Gemalto reports that 4.6 billion record leaked in the first half of 2018

4.6 billion record leaked

According to the latest report published by Gemalto, the number of stolen user account information in the first half of 2018 reached a staggering 4,553,172,708, an increase of 133%. Although the number of stolen users has increased significantly from last year, there have been only 945 cases of theft, compared with 1162 last year. Gemalto reported that the number of stolen accounts since 2013 had been 14,644,949,623, with an average of 6,947,320 per day, and only 4% of the accounts have been encrypted.

If it is divided according to industry, then the hardest hit area of the account is social media, accounting for 56.11% of all stolen records, followed by the government, accounting for 26.62%. Also, 56.08% of data breaches were stolen by external attackers through vulnerabilities or malware, and the recorded stolen records reached 3.6 billion, an increase of 1000%.



Accidental loss and insider malicious stealing accounted for 33.65% and 6.46%, respectively, and the accident rate dropped to 900 million, a drop of 47%. Gemalto divides the types of leaks into identity theft, account credentials, financial credentials, harassment and Empirical Data, with identity theft accounting for up to 64.55%, followed by account credentials (17.47%) and economic credentials (13.02%).